SOLIVE, a beacon of hope for girls who are victims of violence in Togo, receives award for its tireless solidarity work.

Last Friday, May 26th, the Medical Association of Araba/Álava, through its Social Work ICOMA, has awarded SOLIVE with a contribution of almost 4,700 euros in recognition of its project of psycho-health support to girls and adolescent survivors of violence in Togo.

This recognition to SOLIVE is in addition to the recognition from the Alava College of Physicians, is a support for the Kekeli center which since 2006 has worked to improve the lives of survivors. Ainara Chana and Teo Corral, members of the association Solidaridad Vedruna, SOLIVE communicate the reality of Togo, an extremely poor but hard-working country. The project focuses on the Kekeli Center, which takes in girl survivors of violence referred by institutions or individuals who have identified their victimization. In this center, health support, health education and psychological support are provided, with the aim of contributing to their reintegration and supporting their recovery. Togo faces a high rate of violence against girls and adolescents, which has serious consequences and negatively affects their development.

The support provided by the Araba/Álava Medical Association will enable 50 girls to access the necessary health and psychological care, while reinforcing their health knowledge through workshops and individual counseling. This project seeks to contribute to the full reintegration of girls and adolescent survivors of violence into society.

Togo and SOLIVE are grateful for the support provided by the Medical Association of Araba/Álava (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain). This initiative seeks to contribute to the recovery and reintegration of girls and adolescent survivors of violence, facing the challenges of lack of opportunities and gender inequality in the country.

Complete broadcast of the award ceremony held by ICOMA Colegio de Médicos de Álava