“SOWING ROADS”. Venezuela MJV Camp

Since July 31, the young participants of the camp have been arriving in the city of Caracas at the El Carmelo school where this national meeting was held until August 4.

With the slogan “Sowing the way”, 58 young people from the Vedruna Youth Movement (MJV) of the Vedruna Stars stage of the Caroní school of San Félix, El Carmelo of Caracas, Nuestra Señora del Valle of Bella Vista and El Carmelo of Cagua participated.

These days were distributed as follows:

  • 1st day arrival, welcome and acquaintance
  • 2nd day personal and group training.
  • 3rd day mission in two old people’s homes.
  • 4th day celebration and service at the opening of the 70 years of Vedruna presence in the country.
  • 5th day evaluation, closing and farewell.

These were intense days of work, accompaniment, mission and service with these young people, stage coordinators and the national team of the MJV.

Here are some experiences of young participants:

AINARA TORRES: My experience at the sowing the way camp has marked me a lot, since I was able to learn and understand new things. Putting negativity aside in dance therapy at 6:00 a.m. made me understand that in order to go on and move forward I have to open myself to give myself the opportunity to experience new things. There was even a day that marked me very much, when we did the prayer and read a letter that St. Joaquina wrote to her children telling them to go to the highest mountain, that part was too special for me. I really had a great time, for everything I experienced it seemed like it was much more than 4 days. I am very grateful for this beautiful experience with my MJV family.

JOSEPH DAVID FLORES: My experience at the camp was one of learning and living together. In this society where technology overtakes us, it is wonderful to be able to share with young people my age, where we share experiences and experiences that we will always treasure in our hearts. Thanks to the organizers for giving us the opportunity and to the young people of the Estrellas group to live this wonderful experience.

MARIANGEL LINARES: It was a pleasant experience that taught us a lot, both in terms of growth and the knowledge we gained, which was new for most of us. We learned more about Sta. Joaquina, the Vedruna charism and how we should bring love and joy to others as she did, as well as educate, heal and liberate. Personally, I really enjoyed serving, seeing the joy of the grandparents with our visit. Sharing with my classmates, having fun times, meeting people from other places. Thank you for your organization and dedication, God bless you.

“Young man, proclaim with me the greatness of the Lord. Let us sow roads in the spirit of love. The gospel will bring you the joy of life and the news you must carry to the ends of the earth”.We said goodbye with grateful hearts and faces full of joy for this comforting experience.

Prof. Giclis Santamaría