The missionary children of Añisok bring joy and solidarity to the sick.

In the small town of Añisok, in Equatorial Guinea, missionary children guided by the Carmelite Sisters of Charity Vedruna are sowing fundamental values from childhood. Under the motto “There is more joy in serving than in being served”, these children develop a spirit of compassion and care for the most vulnerable in society.

Recently, the children took their noble mission to Akoga, a village located 30 kilometers away. The visit was not just a symbolic gesture; it was an act full of generosity and love for others. Each child not only arrived with a smile, but also with useful gifts for the sick, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the welfare of others.

Surprise and joy overcame the residents of Akoga when they saw the little missionaries in action. Beyond simple visits, these children dedicated time and effort to help the sick. From fetching water to washing those in need, the children demonstrated an exceptional level of compassion and empathy.

The love of neighbor and the spirit of solidarity, instilled from an early age, were evident in every action of the children. They not only brought comfort to the sick, but also gave moments of joy through songs and laughter.

In the words of those who witnessed this act of kindness, “We thank the Lord for putting in the hearts of these little ones the love of neighbor and the spirit of solidarity”. The community celebrates the teaching of these core values, hoping that this example will inspire more people to follow the noble path of service and compassion. With joy and satisfaction, the mission of these missionary children continues to leave a positive mark on society.