Vedruna students fill Kimbanguste hospital with hope

In a touching show of solidarity, the students of the Vedruna school complex, accompanied by the teachers in charge of the liturgy commission, carried out a significant work of charity at the Kimbanguste/Kimbanseke General Hospital.

The initiative, led by teachers Prof Papy Mofenge, Prof Clément Mavita, and Mrs Dollyrose Mbatshi, took place on January 25, 2024, when the students decided to share their Advent effort with the hospital patients. This gesture reflects the commitment of the Vedruna educational community to empathy and helping those in need.

From an early age, students at this school learn the importance of putting the needs of others ahead of their own in order to contribute to the common good. The hospital visit not only sought to alleviate the suffering of the sick, but also to instill values of generosity and compassion in the young people.

During the day, the students delivered donations, gifts and messages of hope to the patients, creating an atmosphere of positivity and solidarity in the hospital facilities. The expression of gratitude and joy on the part of the recipients evidenced the positive impact of this charitable work.

The Vedruna educational community continues to demonstrate that education goes beyond the classroom, being a tool to form conscious individuals committed to the welfare of society.