Vedrunamerica: we celebrate the ‘Yes’ of the sisters who will accompany our countries.

On April 21, Good Shepherd Sunday, the Vedruna Family in America was invited by the Provincial Team to live and participate in an important moment where gestures, words, rhythms, colors and faces marked the celebration of the appointment of the Sisters and teams that assume the service of animation of life in mission, in each of the 12 countries that make up the province of America.

The Eucharistic celebration prepared with many details by four sisters from different countries was held in Peru and, thanks to the virtual technological means, had the participation of laity, youth and sisters from all over VedrunAmerica in the different moments of the celebration, showing the Vedruna style of simplicity, family with the desire to To be born again.

It was lived with deep gratitude and joy, welcoming this new stage that involves leaving, giving, offering, offering, praising… We recognize that this is a journey that we make together. We remember our sister Pilar Torres who said. “together we shine better”. . We are aware that our frailties lead us to trust fully in God; in Him we place our security with the certainty that He will be our guide.

Celebrating the feast of the Good Shepherd allowed us to give thanks for the gift of vocation, to ask the good Jesus for vocations for our congregation and to present each of our sisters who assumed the different services with the commitment to accompany them with our prayer and to live in an attitude of availability.

The experience lived on this day and the stage we are beginning brings to mind the words of our mother Saint Joaquina de Vedruna: “Let us have courage, initiative and diligence and the good Jesus will bless everything “. Ep. 82.

HH of the Organizing Team.