XXVIII World Day for Consecrated Life: A Religious Life that is reborn

As we celebrate with the Church the 28th World Day for Consecrated Life, I recall with affection this powerful image in which Ruth and Naomi share a look of complicity on the road. And also a phrase that has had a special meaning for us a few years ago, about our Religious Life.

“We are standing on the shoulders of great women and we must do our part now so that there is the possibility of a future Religious Life for those who come after us.”

Nancy Schreck, osf

Contemplating our Vedruna Religious Life, located among many other “friendly” sisters, daughters of other Foundresses who, like Joaquina de Vedruna, were generators of Life that multiplies, I realize that both the phrase and the image continue to have meaning. Even more so when we place ourselves as a Congregation in the challenge of being born again in today’s history.

Why do this phrase and this image continue to have meaning? Because I see that we continue to believe in a way of living our common call to be Religious Life….

Together we continue to believe…

  • …in a Religious Life (RL) that continues to listen to the same call of Jesus to follow Him, being a Sister in mission, walking in an inter-congregational dynamic. That way of living in communion with Humanity and with all other beings in the universe, in a continuous search to embrace our own vulnerability and to cultivate relationships of mutual care and respect. That’s where we are!
  • …in a RL of intergenerational solidarity, because we experience in everyday life the sisterhood that transcends generational differences and promotes dialogue and the exchange of experiences among sisters of different ages. And how this enriches community life, my God!

  • …in a RL where we offer each other – and with many other people – spiritual accompaniment and mutual support in the journey of personal growth and in the living out of our religious vocation. And how this strengthens the bonds of brotherhood and trust within the community and to where our feet and hearts tread!

  • …in a RL that continually reflects on itself, when we seek to promote participation in synodality within our organization, guaranteeing that all the sisters have their place in decision-making and in the definition of community policies and actions. We are learning!

  • …in a RL present in the existential and geographical peripheries. Our efforts are along the lines of remaining, even in the most adverse circumstances, supportive of migrants, refugees and indigenous peoples and promoting interconnectedness among diverse cultures and religions. Vedruna! – present!

  • …in a RL that is involved with Justice and Peace, remaining, against the current, in those presences and actions of commitment to social justice and peace building, promoting the defense of human rights and solidarity with the most vulnerable. We creatively discovered that we can all contribute to it, all of us!

  • …in a RL that assumes Integral Ecology as a way of life. When we promote the responsible care of creation and adopt sustainable practices in our daily lives, we commit ourselves to the great struggles in favor of our Common Home. In this way, we are doing our bit to make the Earth a good place to live for us and for future generations!

  • …in a RL that is related to an economic ethic based on solidarity and justice, with a lifestyle according to the Gospel. We are moving forward on the serious path of promoting transparent and responsible financial practices that contribute to the common good and sustainable development. Uniting these dimensions is fundamental for life on the Planet!

  • …in a RL that empowers the feminine, strengthening our mission as women, promoting gender equality and the recognition of our voice and leadership in the Church and Society. We want to advance in the fight against any form of discrimination or gender violence!

  • …in a RL that promotes the formation and continuous training of the sisters in life and for life. This helps us to integrate the various dimensions of life, strengthening our identity as a community mission in the world. It is an ongoing, personal, communal and congregational task!

For us it is important to live in community as sisters, sharing the same charism in mission, lived from the evangelical counsels that guide us along the way. Others, before us, dreamed and lived this path; today the torch is in our hands and hearts. the torch is in our hands and in our hearts. . Tomorrow, other feet will follow in our footsteps. We live all this – yesterday, today and tomorrow – in a movement of interconnection between all the dimensions that interweave our Religious Life. Always, always located within our Vedruna Charismatic Familyunited in love and service with many other people, companions and companions on the road; and, at the same time, as in a spiral movement, sharing life in mission with others. Charismatic Familiesin the Church and, from there, with all Humanity. We are motivated to continue advancing along the paths of mission.

May we encourage each other today to remain faithful to the call, offering each other an embrace, in the complicity of living together this vocation to Religious Life, pure gift of the Ruah, who continues – today as yesterday – to make all things new!

María José Meira (Dedé), ccv