Getting closer to and getting to know the lifestyle of indigenous communities

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, to be held on August 9, the Vedruna family in America shares with the good people a video recorded in some indigenous communities in Peru, Chile and Brazil.

In preparation for this celebration we maintained contact with several indigenous families. In Chile with the MAPUCHES, in Brazil with the XUCURÚS-CARIRIS, ATICUNS and PANKARÁS and in Peru with the SHIPIBOS.

We talked to some of them about what their communities can contribute to a better life and what they would ask for when they are visited. In the video you can listen to his answers that, without great dissertations, are key to life and understanding of the cosmos and the relationships we establish.

About their lifestyle we are told that:

  1. In their socio-political organization, although they have very well defined leaderships, they try to make decisions as a group, obey hierarchies and take care of the circular organization.
  2. Regarding the economic aspect, they share goods, produce for their consumption and reserve to replace the goods they need, without accumulating.
  3. As far as education is concerned, they take care to rescue and perpetuate their culture, respect for their ancestors, following their guidelines, they speak their own language and ensure that schooling is in the hands of trained educators from their own ethnic group.
  4. For health they use natural medicine, collecting and processing plants from their environment.
  5. Religiously, they have their own style of relating to their gods and protectors. Great respect for their own style of mysticism, their dances and festivities.

When they talk about missionaries or other religions, they ask for respect and do not admit imposition. All propagators of the Good News are welcome, as long as they are not discriminated against because of their beliefs and their way of relating to the transcendent.

They have a clear mission as guardians of nature, of the rivers, of the plants. They do not formulate the word ecology, but they live it deeply, believing in the “Common House” in which we live.

As we listen to them, the dynamics of God’s Project, inaugurated in the desert journey under the leadership of Moses and Joshua and ratified by Jesus in the Gospel, resonates in us.

We invite you to watch the video and approach it like Moses before the burning bush, with bare feet, a burning heart and the desire to listen, to know, to live and to grow as peoples who share the same place in the cosmos.

From all this we are left with a question : how does all this sound for our Vedruna Family in the search for the construction of a more just and fraternal society?

Communication and Prophecy Team VedrunAmerica