Keys to living Advent II (Vedruna Afrique): Women of Hope

What we are waiting for is a new heaven and a new earth “. Like our ancestors, we see Advent as a time of preparation for the bodily birth of Christ, a time of expectation, hope and joy.

In Laudato Deum, Pope Francis calls us to a deep ecological conversation. There is a similarity between the gospel of the second week, which also calls for a baptism of conversion. This time the Pope insists on the urgency of ecological conversion, because he wants us to be able to limit ongoing climate change.

If we’re not careful, we’ll risk destroying the world and human life, and He feels that our relationships haven’t been good enough so far. The most vulnerable will be the first victims, i.e. people who can’t defend themselves, who don’t have many resources, will be the first victims, and all our behaviors are linked to this. This has an impact on the environment. May man, today, take the place of God. This is the greatest danger facing humanity today.

Our document talks about: Born again

To be born again like Nicodemus, life in the spirit leads us beyond what we consider to be our own, beyond what we live as usual, beyond what we already know, beyond what we take for granted.

  • Walking under the influence of the spirit of Jesus requires us to relive this attitude of discernment in our daily choices.
  • This means re-creating and broadening the way we look and listen. To move from the superficial to the profound, because God manifests himself in personal, community and social reality.

Synodality :

Communion, participation and mission.

This route tells the story of how the word of God and the people who give it their attention and faith come together. God’s word works with us.

And it’s true that the Holy Spirit needs us. Listen to him by listening to each other. Do not leave anyone outside or behind.

Our reality

We are deeply concerned by this message, as we are behaving as if there is no danger, despite the fact that we are already suffering the effects of climate change. It’s very hot, but our behavior is still very irresponsible, even in our communities, we continue to manage our waste very badly; following the example of plastic bottles, bags, and others that we throw in disorder. This has a negative impact on the environment and our entire planet. So we are indeed called to conversion. Now it’s up to each of us to see what actions she can take at personal and community level, so that we can all contribute to this ecological conversion.

Reading of the week :

Prepare the way of the Lord

Baptism of conversion and baptism in the spirit.

Acknowledging our sins.