Letter to the Vedruna Family on the feast of May 22, 2023

Dear Vedruna family,

It fills me with joy to contemplate the journey you are making, and not only this year, Chapter.

As a mother who cares for life, I encourage you to continue without faltering in your mission.

You, restless women, are trying to find your place in a Church that claims to be “going out” but finds it difficult to accept the role of women. Insist on the commitment. They didn’t make it easy for me either.

You have launched a new website and you are in networks, as it corresponds to this moment. It is not a fad, it is our mission, to communicate good news, to build a more just, prosperous and humane world.

You suffer from lack of rainfall and global warming. You are realizing that the earth does not belong to anyone and that you are guests who take care of the planet. Look at your lifestyle and make a commitment to the common home.

You have just completed summits 2 and 3. Congratulations! They are realistic, clear, simple in writing, the challenges are more difficult, but you do not lack the help of the “good Jesus”, nor mine!

In view of the new Chapter that is being prepared, I hope that, from the experience of God, contemplation, dialogue, dialogue, understanding of the diverse realities of each continent, you will find how to be “Born Again”.


I embrace each one of you with a mother’s love